Beeswax Wrap + Yoga Workshop

Beeswax Wrap + Yoga Workshop


Join us for a workshop learning to make Beeswax Wrap and then a gentle yoga flow (1 hour class). We’ll be making our own Beeswax Wrap with Ann Gibson from Upcycle Lifestyle.

Why is Beeswax Wrap so important?

As we transition away from plastic and Single Use items, we need to start finding reusable options again. Beeswax Wrap is the perfect alternative to Saran and Plastic Wrap - malleable, adhesive, and reusable. Make your own wrap with us to start your own journey towards less waste!

The afternoon starts at 4:00 pm and will likely run until 5:30 pm, though this is subject to change depending on the number of participants. Let us know if you have a time restraint and we will make it work!

48 Britannia Street, Stratford, ON, Canada.

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