A place to unwind.


Sustainable Kelsea's Yoga is offered as a downtown outdoor escape to residents and visitors of Stratford, Ontario. After studying in India and Bali and practicing in Europe, China, and the Philippines, I began to realize that there are few studios in Ontario which offer a direct connection to nature through practicing and meditating outside.

Supported by the Ministry of Ontario's Summer Company Grant, I want to make yoga accessible. 

I primarily offer private lessons through 3 options:

1. Practice done at your home

2. Practice done at my home (if you prefer yoga to be your escape)

3. Practice done online.

I also offer lunchtime and after work yoga to businesses.

You can take connection to the next level through my Events series, which features a one-hour yoga class followed by a session with the aim of increasing awareness and reflection of ourselves, each other, and the earth.

Sustainable Kelsea's Yoga is located steps from the Stratford Festival and is the perfect way to start off a relaxing vacation, unwind from a busy week, or simply find connection. 

As this is a new venture, please contact me if you are looking for something that is not currently offered. I'm very open-minded and happy to help fit your schedule and needs.