200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Packing List

I am a horrible over-packer. As in I *always* have almost over 23kg of stuff with me. Why? Because of course, I will need the 4 varieties of sunscreen I’m bringing, and I hope to have time to read the 5 next books on my list… so why not bring them on my vacation??

I always forget: unless your vacation is a 1-week trip to the beach, you will not have that much time to read. Sightseeing is not an instrinsically relaxing activity. Interesting, yes. Enjoyable? Absolutely. Relaxing? Not always. 

So, here is your packing list for your yoga teacher training. This is the short list I wish I had brought, rather than the ridiculous amounts of stuff I did bring and didn’t use. 


– 2-3 pairs of pants: if you have light leggings at home, bring them. If not, get your gypsy-style yoga pants here. They’re cooler in the hot weather and they will cost about $6-10 CAD per pair. 

NOT MORE THAN 5 shirts: laundry is cheap to have done for you, and most schools have machines you can use. Unlike the pants though, I would bring my own shirts. You can’t guarantee the quality or the fabric and it is always nice to have those breatheable and light tops with you for this kind of trip. 

Other Stuff:

SNACKS: Bring loads of fibre, protein, and iron packed snacks. You may go through protein withdrawal the first couple days as your body adjusts to the fully vegetarian diet, and you will likely get hungry between meals in you 14-hour days. 

*Do not bring* your own mat. This takes up space in your luggage, unless it’s a mat you want to throw out after the training, anyway. Buying a mat in Rishikesh will cost you $3-5 CAD and can be left at the studio. Ideally, your studio will lend you mats. TBH, I sweat quite a bit when I’m practicing yoga and I was worried about slipping in the heat. I bought a mat similar to the kind of mat you might put at the kitchen sink (made out of cloth), which worked well to prevent slipping. It cost me $2.50 CAD. 

Laundry detergent: You can also buy it here. 

BUG SPRAY: The mosquito life is lively here. Do not risk your bare skin in the evening without an unhealthy dose of this all over the place.

Sunscreen: I would bring ONE bottle of this, just to guarantee quality. 

Pictures from home: I brought three pictures which I had intended on putting on my walls, but after forgetting tape I settled for keeping them in my journal. These are nice to have when you start feeling homesick and to make your room feel more personal for the month. 

A European or American adapter: I just about killed myself trying to find an Indian adapter for my electronics before coming, and after not finding a single one in Ottawa, I hoped to find one here. However, most of the plugs here are adapted to fit a European plug or even the Canadian/American plug so I didn’t end up needing any of them. 

Tampons: a necessity for most of us, and not easily found here. 

A bathing suit that covers most of your body or clothes you are comfortable swimming in. I didn’t bring a very modest bathing suit (silly me), but ended up wearing my coverup as a dress in the water. Make sure you are modestly dressed before taking a dip in public! 

T-Shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts. Don’t risk your privacy for tank tops (learn from my mistakes). 

– 2 Hand towels if you sweat as much as I do in your normal practice. You can bring these to class with you.

Otherwise, you can find mostly anything you need here. You may want to buy a few of the beautifully printed skirts and tops, so pack lightly on the side of what to wear between class days. 

Also you will find that Rishikesh vendors have extremely reasonable prices for silver jewellery with gem stones so you may want to budget a little extra for these items, too 🙂 

As always, message me here if you have any questions! 

Kelsea Walsh